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I am so glad we found each other. Allow me to share with you a bit about myself.

I’m a super passionate sex coach for women and couples. I’m also an author, speaker and sexual empowerment entrepreneur. A mum to two gorgeous kiddos ( Tilly & Ziggy ) and wife to a man I’m wild about. 

I spent 10 years travelling the world learning everything I could about sexual empowerment, learning from the very best and some of the worse. I have a unique talent that involves my feet and I once spent the night with a Sex Wizard (you can read about it in my book ;).  I hate all birds but dig authenticity, and kindness above all else. I can not cook and recipes give me anxiety. I can pour you a wine though.

Sex in it's truest form can be revolutionary. It has the capacity to heal, transform and liberate.

Work With Me

Nothing lights me up more than helping a woman transform her relationship with her body, sexuality and to her sensual and sexual pleasure.

I love using simple tools and effective practices that help unlock and unleash radiant sensuality, vibrant aliveness and a deep grounded confidence for anyone who wishes to claim back their sexy. Liberate their wildness and give themselves the permission to experience the kind of pleasure we all desire and deserve. 

My coaching packages are as follows:

1 x 1hr Zoom/Skype = $110

Sessions thereafter ( 40mins ) = $80

Connect with me to learn more.



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