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Power & Pleasure – How to play with both to expand your sexual bliss.

Power dynamics are already playing out in your bedroom. Someone is leading the experience more than the other. But what happens when we fine-tune it and take it up a notch?

Hint: increased erotic friction aka arousal juice aka super strong attraction!!!

Ever felt a little bored during sex? Have times when you want to experience something different: like being completely ravished or  “taken” by your partner. Perhaps you fancy tapping into your inner sex queen, bossy b*itch, vixen, or seductress. Or maybe, you want more say in your pleasure.

Then this masterclass is going to tickle those pickles, baby!

To be clear this workshop isn’t about kinky sex. It isn’t about whips or chains (although I will mention spanking briefly 😉 This online mastercalss is about an aspect of sexuality that many of us have never consciously explored before, that is accessible to even the most vanilla folks /couples.

Exploring power play offers an endless world of sexual play possibilities, but here are just a few benefits:

  • Can help your relationship, by building greater intimacy and trust
  • Offers a deep way to explore the feelings you want to experience during sex
  • Allows you to try erotic power exchange in a safe, sexy way
  • Adds novelty to the sexual experience
  • Allows partners to openly express their needs, desires and boundaries
  • Uncovers hidden or unconscious desires and brings them into the playground for unlimited fun.

What we’ll cover in this online Masterclass:

  • Understanding the role that power plays out (unconsciously) in the bedroom and why women need to explore it
  • Learn why playing with power can eradicate bedroom boredom – no whips or chains necessary
  • Discover why consciously amplifying power dynamics creates a powerful sexual spark known as polarity. Plus, why learning to artfully play in this realm, without getting hung up in gender stereotypes or roles, is one of the keys to unlocking lasting sexual attraction
  • Learn the difference between desire and fantasy
  • Begin to mine your fantasies for bedroom gold to create your ultimate date night
  • Know how to set each other up for sexy success by establishing roles, rules, and respect
  • Gain several date night ideas to put it all into practice

**** We will explore each flavour of power exchange as leading and following. Think less Dom / Sub situation and more of one person giving and the other receiving.

So grab a glass of wine, and note pad and join me for this fun, low-key exploration into playing with power to maximise pleasure.

Price: $34 AUD

Where: Online

Date: 13th of September

Time: 8 pm AEST

The masterclass will be recorded and the replay will be sent to everyone registered so you have the material to revise or revisit whenever suits you!

No names or faces during ONLY MINE will be displayed during the Masterclass. Your anonymity is protected.

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